Most Needed

IWARS most needed supplies can now be purchased through Amazon.


  1. Elk antlers and bully sticks
  2. Large and XL crates
  3. Dry kibble
  4. Puppy pee pads
  5. L or XL kongs for dogs

Small Animals

  1. Timothy hay
  2. Non-clay based litters (bamboo, pine, corn, etc.)
  3. Rabbit food
  4. Gift cards for grocery stores (fresh produce)


  1. Kitten Dry Kibble
  2. Cat/kitten wet food
  3. Cat Scratchers
  4. Cat toys


  1. Gift cards for G&E pharmacy in Edmonton (vaccines)
  2. Gift cards for gas (our volunteers drive a lot)
  3. Auction items

Please email us at if you have items you would like to donate!