Most Needed

IWARS most needed supplies can now be purchased through Amazon.


  1. Large or XL dog pillows/bed
  2. Elk antlers and bully sticks
  3. Hypo-allergenic dog
  4. Large and XL crates
  5. X-pens
  6. Dry kibble
  7. Puppy pee pads
  8. L or XL kongs for dogs

Small Animals

  1. Timothy hay
  2. Non-clay based litters (bamboo, pine, corn, etc.)
  3. Rabbit food
  4. Rabbit treats
  5. Gift cards for grocery stores (fresh produce)


  1. Clumping kitty litter
  2. Kitty Supplements
  3. Hypo-allergenic cat food
  4. Non-clay based litters (bamboo, pine, corn, etc.)
  5. Dry kibble
  6. Cat/Kitten wet food
  7. Cat scratching trees or stands


  1. Gift cards for G&E pharmacy (vaccines)
  2. Office supplies (file folders, stamps, envelopes, printer paper, etc.)
  3. Gift cards for gas (our volunteers drive a lot)

Please email us at if you have items you would like to donate!