Infinite Woofs is not a shelter environment. We foster the animals to homes so the transition to their forever homes is easier for them to understand. Foster volunteers allow us to keep on rescuing. If you would like to provide temporary care and housing for one of our rescue animals, please fill out a foster application today!

Fostering means I helped save a life. It means I make a difference. It means I’m part of something positive. It means love…
Fostering enables me to give back to the littlest beings that the world gave up on. Loving them, helping them heal and eventually letting go so the next one in need can come into care is so very rewarding. Yes goodbye can be hard, however knowing that another might not get a chance to live without letting go makes it much easier. Fostering also enables my children to learn compassion and practice kindness with things much smaller then them. It teaches them that all living creatures are worthy of love and kindness. Being able to help in an animals journey to their happily ever after is a beautiful thing.
Fostering brings us closer together as a family knowing that we are helping to save lives of precious animals. It teaches our daughter love and compassion. It shows her that the world does not revolve around her.
small animals foster
It’s a nice way to have a pet temporarily if you are not able to commit to having a pet long term. Great way to test out what it’s like to have a pet.

Fostering to me is life saving to me and to the animals there has been so many times in my life that I didn’t care anymore what happened to me and because of the animals I had or do still foster it makes me stay alive cause I know without my help some of them may not be here anymore so at the same time it has given me a reason to stay alive I’m a proud foster parent.
Almost 2 years ago I lost a 7 year old cat to kidney failure. I couldn’t be there at home while he was going through this , he was too young . Losing this boy, Theo the Point Siamese, hit me very hard, 2 years later and I still tear up. I Foster because of him. I’m happy that I have been able to give temporary homes to all the kitties I’ve had, but they have done so much for me, nothing better than the company, affection, laughs and love to help mend my broken heart 💔