My name is Naboo. I’m the big, friendly, all black rabbit who loves sprawling out in my cardboard garage and eating salad. When I was adopted, I met Jane (who also came from IWARS) and we had a wonderful four months together, before Jane passed away. It was devastating, and I was so lonely.

Then I met Darby. Darby is a feisty, fluffy, white angora who loves digging and exploring. She maybe digs too much but that’s ok because I love her. She is bit smaller than me but she has a much bigger personality. We met in March and it was love at first sniff. In less than a week we were hopping around the house together, finishing each other’s hay, sharing salads, and snoozing side by side.

Not to brag, but we are also kind of famous with our own page on Instagram (naboo_and_darby).

I’m so glad that I was brought into this loving family and that I’ve had not just one, but two wonderful females in my life. Thank you IWARS!